There was speculation, years ago, that if civil society was able to wrap their minds around the legalization of marijuana, therefore giving way to a legitimate cannabis commerce, there would be a brutal onslaught of retail outlets opening up across the country, doing business under ever creative weed witticism that could possibly be manifested by our stoner nation.

Now, it appears, at least in part, that the pot pun prophecy has come true.

Earlier this week, Washington State announced the names of the first round of those business applicants interested in joining the ranks of the state’s recreational marijuana trade. So far, thousands of applications have been filed since the state began accepting requests just over a week ago, with many of the brands associated with these submissions illustrating a clever addition to the state’s business community.

Interestingly, the latest Washington State Liquor Control Board listing of marijuana related applications indicates that the majority of the proposals are coming from growers and processors, which have unlimited licensing potential across the state, but only 159 of the state’s allotted 334 retail applications have been received.

Liquor board spokesman Brian Smith says that the state intends to start issuing licenses to growers and processors around the month of February or March, in hopes that a substantial amount of stock can be produced for retail outlets to open sometime in the spring.

Until then, take a look at some of our favorite business names conjured up by Washington State’s wannabe weed slingers:

1.Canna Bliss – Retailer

2. Divine Inhalation – Retailer

3. Fweedom Collective – Retailer

4. Happy Daze – Retailer

5. Weedsdom – Retailer

6. Ye Olde Dope Shoppe – Retailer

7. United We’d Stand – Retailer

8. Bakecation – Processor

9. Growing Like a Weed – Grower/Processor

10. Herban Myth – Grower/Processor

11. Holy Smokes – Grower/Processor

12. Wacky Tobacky – Grower/Producer

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup;