Men have been using marijuana in the bedroom for years to enhance their overall sexual experience, but some research shows that getting chiefed up before knocking boots could have limp consequences.

While some small, independent studies have published papers on the effects of marijuana as viable treatment for men suffering from the pee-pee perils of erectile dysfunction, others have provided evidence that suggests smoking weed is not conducive to maintaining an erection.

A study published in the January 2011 issue of the Sexual Health Journal indicates that marijuana contains certain molecules that have a way of targeting nerve receptors in the penis and rendering them numb, which has a uncanny way of hindering a stoner’s ability to get a stiffie.

Researcher and physician Rany Shamloul says that while many people have a tendency to focus on the positive aspects of sex and marijuana, there is a dark side to the drug that is not necessarily beneficial to the stoned boner.

In addition to potentially causing erectile dysfunction, Shamloul says that because smoking weed has such a relaxing effect, being high can actually cause men to lose interest in sex, as well as suffer from delayed ejaculation and sometimes pain.

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