After an initial session (or 30) of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V, it’s apparent that weed is everywhere in this virtual world. The first character you play in the latest version of the best selling franchise is a stoner in the Craig from Friday mold. Armed with medical pot and any number of weapons, your job is to repossess cars. Whether that’s entirely within the letter of the law is a different story.

Most striking at first glance, however, is that medical pot is prominent. Check out some screen shots from the game below.

Here's your character in his bedroom at his aunt's house. Yes, that "Wasted" poster is a bit of foreshadowing. 

In the dropdown menu you can change the channel, stand up or smoke... a pretty easy decision. 

Your medical pot is always on the coffee table waiting for you. Your character can come home and smoke anytime. 

Here's your medical marijuana dispensary. You can go in and check out the wares, which include bongs, pipes and plenty of smoke. You can also rob it, of course.