The Weed Fairy has revealed herself to the world! Last fall, Brooklynites were sprinkled with Weed Fairy magic in the form of, well, free weed. Notes reading “THESE ARE TOUGH TIMES. TAKE THIS WEED” were found scattered around the city, delighting New Yorkers lucky enough to receive such a blessing. Now we can all thank 23-year-old Yeni Sleidi for her green goodness.

Sleidi was spotted in Seattle over Memorial Day weekend distributing free nugs with her customary Weed Fairy message, and the Associated Press caught up with her. She said she felt comfortable attaching her name to the good deed because recreational marijuana is legal in Washington. Sleidi first came up with her Weed Fairy idea during last year’s government shutdown because several of her friends were affected by it, and she wanted to help relieve them of some stress. “I’m not sure what the thought process was but I thought people would be amused by it,” she said.

We sure are! Thank you, Yeni! @DannyDanko agrees with you -- Free Weed for all!