Weed, California is a small Northern California town founded by Abner Weed in 1897. The town is reliant on the logging industry and boasts the city motto: “Weed like to welcome you.”

The Burnetts of Pinole, California (located about four hours south of Weed), stopped by the town on their family vacation to Oregon and bought their son, Tony Jr, a few souvenirs, including a sweatshirt that said “I (heart) Weed! California” and a tie-dyed shirt that said “Enjoy Weed.”

When Tony Jr. wore one of the shirts to Pinole Middle School, school officials told him his outfit violated the dress code and demanded that he turn the shirt inside out. The boy texted his dad asking him to pick him up because he felt embarrassed by the commotion.

His father, Tony, told to KTVU, a local San Francisco news station, that his son’s shirt “says I love Weed, California. What if it says I love Pinole, California? His teacher said that Weed, California is the same thing as weed you smoke.”

Do you think it bothers school administration that this kid’s teacher did not know the difference between cannabis and a town in Cali? Nah, most likely not. It's the zero policy that's really important.

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