Nothing makes people happier than free weed. At least this appears to be the hope of a new Canadian website, who as part of their “Get Happy Canada” contest, plans to award one lucky patient with a one year’s supply of complimentary medical marijuana.

In an effort to raise awareness for Canada’s new federal medical marijuana program, the Lift Cannabis Company has created what is says is the first contest in the country where the winning accolade is up to one gram of premium medical marijuana every single day for a year.

“We recognize that not everyone can afford the medicine he or she needs, so we want to do our part by helping one lucky Canadian and in the process raising awareness about Canada’s new medical marijuana program and how it can benefit patients,” according to the website.

Although the contest is designed to promote medical marijuana, the rules state that is not necessary for a person to be in possession of a medical marijuana prescription in order to put their name in the pot, so to speak. Yet, it is required under the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) that the winner be able to provide proof of program eligibility dated no later than July 18.

Under Health Canada’s new medical marijuana regulations, which went into effect in early April of this year, patients are required to buy cannabis from licensed growers, which is the same method the winner of this complimentary cannabis contest will receive their smoking honor. “You will place your order through one of Canada’s Licensed Producers, and we will cover the cost (up to one gram per day, for 365 days).”

“Our dream is for all adults in Canada to have timely access to high quality, safe, and ethical marijuana at a price that’s honest and affordable,” reads the Lift website. “We want Canada to set an example for the rest of the world; to show them how marijuana can change lives and transform economies.”

Unlike the United States, even though Health Canada does not necessarily buy into the medicinal benefits of marijuana, it still believes in protecting its citizens by “providing reasonable access to marijuana for medical purposes.”

Learn more about Lift’s Get Happy Canada contest!

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