Medbox, a revolutionary new company based in West Hollywood, California hopes to become an integral player in the medical marijuana community by giving patients the opportunity to have their prescriptions filled, essentially by way of weed vending machines.

Now, while the idea that stoners could soon have the freedom to race down to the nearest American Drugstore, drop a double dime inside a high-tech cannabis dispensing contraption and walk away with fat sack of weed isn’t exactly what this company has in mind -- at least not while it waits for the United States government to get onboard with legalization efforts.

Representatives at Medbox say their company is focused more on making medical marijuana assessable in areas where the government isn’t likely to swoop in and prosecute them for doing business. That’s why the company says it recently signed a deal with one of the few Canadian medical marijuana research and development facilities permitted to farm and study cannabis in Canada.

This new partnership will reportedly serve to make medical marijuana available to Canadian patients as soon as the company is legally permitted to distribute it on the market.

"The Canadian government has adopted laws regulating cannabis and how it is to be produced and distributed. This key development actually puts Canada ahead of the United States with respect to the governmental medical marijuana race we are now seeing worldwide," said Vincent Mehdizadeh, Chief Operations Officer at Medbox, Inc. "With new markets opening up in various countries globally, while we are encouraged by the leaps and bounds that we have seen in the United States, we would be remiss if we did not capitalize on opportunities in other jurisdictions that are 100% condoned on a federal level."

Medbox executives say they want to utilize their Canadian activities to assist in better positioning themselves as the “first mover” in the legalized marijuana industry once the United States makes the decision to allow a regulated marijuana trade in the same manner as Canada intends to soon administer.

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