An alert to HIGH TIMES readers: The alleged cannabis bush shown growing behind the Tallahassee Police Department isn't there anymore.

And even if it were, the only high you'd get is PMS relief - maybe.

October's issue of the magazine for pot aficionados has a section called "Pix of the Crop," which features three photos of what appears to be marijuana growing wild in the northwest corner of the police parking lot.

"This beautiful cannabis bush wasn't 'planted' by the photographer - it's real Tallahassee grassy," a caption reads.

The identity of the photographer wasn't given, and High Times editor Steve Bloom didn't return a call. It also wasn't clear when the photos were taken.

TPD spokesman John Newland says the vice squad determined the plant wasn't pot, but something that looks an awful lot like it, and left it alone.

He did not know what it was, however, and the plant was gone when a reporter checked the lot Friday. Vice investigators couldn't be reached.

If not pot, what?

Maybe it was Vitex agnus-castus, commonly called chaste tree. Its foliage "bears a striking resemblance to that of cannabis," according to the Web site of Ketzel Levine, National Public Radio's gardening correspondent.

If so, it may have been planted intentionally; the plant is native to the Mediterranean.

Its common name derives from its "ancient reputation as a sexual suppressant, one that Athenian women used," Levine's Web site said. The shrub also is used as an herbal remedy for pre-menstrual stress symptoms.