Wal-Mart is the new company store... The San Francisco Chronicle reports: Wal-Mart faces a crucial test today in its fight against local officials who want to block the world's largest retailer from expanding its empire of discount stores in California. Voters in Inglewood (Los Angeles County) will decide whether to approve an ordinance placed on the ballot by Wal-Mart to allow it to build a department store near the Forum, where the Los Angeles Lakers used to play. The measure -- which was written by the Bentonville, Ark., retailer -- would allow the company to build its 130,000-square foot store as part of a 60-acre shopping center. The project would not undergo normal state environmental review. The $1 million ballot campaign is the most aggressive move yet by Wal- Mart to thwart efforts to block its department stores or Supercenters, which are retail outlets and grocery stores.