So how long until we find some clear evidence of WMD in Venezeula? Reuters reports: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has told some 60,000 cheering supporters he would block US access to Venezuela's oil resources if Washington moves against his government. In a three-hour anti-American speech that singled out US President George W Bush as an illegitimate leader, twice elected Mr Chavez said "if Mr Bush is possessed with the madness of trying to blockade Venezuela, or worse for them, to invade Venezuela in response to the desperate song of his lackeys... sadly not a drop of petroleum will come to them from Venezuela." Mr Chavez has long accused Washington of backing the opposition, which has tried to oust Chavez twice, once in a nationwide, two-month-long business shutdown that ended last year and in an aborted 2002 coup. The US State Department routinely dismisses the president's accusations. The United States is keenly interested in Venezuela, its fourth-largest oil supplier and the only Latin American member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. The US was instrumental in negotiating the resignation of Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide as an armed rebellion engulfed the Caribbean nation. "Venezuela is not Haiti and Chavez is not Aristide," Mr Chavez said.