Military vets using medical marijuana will not be disqualified from VA benefits and services according to a local Colorado Veterans Administration medical center.

“Use of state-approved marijuana does not disqualify a veteran for healthcare, and it will not result in any sort of retaliation or denial of services,” VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System spokesman Dan Warvi told FOX31 Denver.

Warvi went on to emphasize that vets should openly reveal their use of medical pot to VA physicians, as there can be potential complications between cannabinoids such as THC and certain prescribed pharmaceutical medications.

“We want to sit down with veterans and say, ‘Look, you told us you’re on this. What can we do for you now? We want to help you get better’” Warvi said. Marijuana has been helpful for many vets in treating post-traumatic stress disorder

Not only did these comments silence rumors that the VA was going to cut off benefits to pot-using vets because cannabis remains a federally criminalized Schedule I drug, it also dramatically increased interest in the nonprofit group Grow4Vets, which offers free medical pot and cultivation equipment to veterans.

Grow4Vets founder Roger Martin described Warvi’s announcement as a “watershed moment.”