Marijuana legislation continues to flourish across much of the United States. Recent statistics show that 40 states and the District of Columbia are in the throes of developing pot-pro legislation regarding the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.

According to legal research firm WestlawNext, the weed revolution is making some serious strides towards regulating pot in America. In addition to the 24 states along with the District of Columbia that have already made medical marijuana legal; 13 states have proposed legislation for the regulation of recreational pot, and 16 more are working to legalize it for medicinal purposes.

Sadly a handful of states, including New York, do not have any legislation in the works for the regulation of marijuana for either medicinal or recreation considerations. Idaho stands firmly against it.

Some key points regarding the current state of proposed laws outlining recreational marijuana:
1. 13 states, including Colorado and Washington, have either legalized marijuana or are working towards legalizing it.
2. New Mexico, Rhode Island and West Virginia have all commissioned research to determine the effect legalization would have on their state.
3. All legislation requires marijuana users be at least 21 years old.
4. Most legislation proposes the state Department of Revenue, Department of Taxation or Liquor Control Board function as the governing hand.
5. Maine has proposed a separate regulating body -- Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, Licensing and Enforcement -- while Massachusetts wishes to establish the Cannabis Control Board.
6. Proposed taxation ranges from 15-25 percent.

Some experts say that the legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington State continue to bring this country closer to ending marijuana prohibition (over the past four years marijuana has been a part of more than 4,850 pieces of state legislation), but until the federal government gets on board with these efforts, the subject of nationwide legalization remains questionable.