After the long awaited release of Uruguay's official marijuana laws, President Jose Mujica has opened up about his views on the legal marijuana landscape as it exists today. As for Colorado -- "Pepe" had some less than complementary things to say. 

"It's a complete fiction what they do in Colorado" in terms of controlling the sale and use of legal marijuana, Mujica said in an Associated Press interview.

El Presidente himself plans to get the government involved in every aspect of the legal marijuana trade in Uruguay -- from seed to smoke. Each bag will be bar-coded, radio-frequency tagged, and registered in a genetic database that will enable authorities to trace its origin and determine its legality. In comparison, it would be impossible at this point for America to be comparable seeing that marijuana is only legal on the state level in Colorado and Washington, not the federal level.

"No addiction is good," Mujica explained. "This isn't a policy that seeks to expand marijuana consumption. What it aims to do is keep it all within reason, and not allow it to become an illness."

He reasons that the system is more "honest" than what is currently happening in America (which he calls a "brutal hypocrisy"), because his citizens won't have to fake illnesses to get a prescription of marijuana. Moreover, he predicts that his system will better combat illegal drug trafficking as well as drug abuse.

Honestly, it's a hard argument to disagree with. Show the world how it's done Uruguay!