Last night on CNN’s premiere of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary Weed, it was reported that the University of Mississippi claims to have tested a strain of cannabis that clocked in at a whopping 37 percent THC.

This is far higher than any pot we here at HIGH TIMES have encountered after 10 North American Cannabis Cups in the last three years. Our lab testing, which includes multiple labs using gas and liquid chromatography, tops out at 25.49 percent THC for flowers (OG Ghost Train Haze, which was entered in the 2011 Denver Medical Cannabis Cup).

No strain we’ve had tested ever came close to 30 percent THC.

So, we’d like to challenge the University of Mississippi to reveal the method and results of their testing (or at least tell us the name of the strain with 37 percent THC so that we can, um… further study it).

We’ll even offer the University of Mississippi a free entry in our upcoming Seattle Cannabis Cup (September 7-8) so they can compete with other high potency strains.