In an attempt to keep Washington’s retail pot outlets from contributing to the delinquency of minors, the state has put a rogue gang of young narcs on the payroll for the sole purpose of conducting sting operations.

According to reports, the state Liquor Control Board intends to use an underage snitch department to carry out “controlled buys” across Washington State’s newly legalized recreational marijuana stores, in the same way it currently utilizes these types of hired hammers to supervise the state’s retail alcohol sales.

Liquor Control Board enforcement chief Justin Nordhorn says that it makes sense to use the state’s current methodologies for monitoring alcohol sales to also oversee what is happening inside the legal marijuana trade. He says that strict enforcement procedures are absolutely necessary, at this time, especially since the federal Department of Justice will undoubtedly be breathing down the state’s neck in 2014 - just waiting for a slip up.

The state hopes that by operating its legal marijuana commerce with an element of 1940s German law enforcement that they may be able to prevent Uncle Sam’s wrecking crew from unexpectedly swooping in and carting the entire industry and those regulate it off to federal prison.

“Of course the feds are looking at a tightly regulated market around youth access, and I think this shows we’re being responsible,” said Nordhorn.

The liquor board currently employees about 30 men and women between the ages of 18 and 20 years of age that travel across the state conducting sting operations in liquor stores. This rat force typically consists of college students with interests in law enforcement and substance abuse, and they earn roughly $10 an hour to initiate tattletale tactics against those outlets that do not ensure customers are at least 21-years-old.

Nordhorn says that a similar group of informants will soon be making their way through Washington State’s pot stores and immediately reporting to enforcement agents if sale of marijuana is permitted without a valid state ID.

The penalty for a first time offense is a 10-day suspension of the store’s license or a $2,500 fine; the second could result in a 30-day suspension; the third could cost the business its license altogether.

What’s more is that this fashion of pseudo-entrapment could have some clerks facing serious criminal charges, as it is a felony offense to provide minors with weed.

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