Drug smuggling can be an interesting line of work, due in part to the ever-changing climate of the prohibition arts, and the race that exists between law and outlaw.

While major traffickers work diligently to constantly innovate their narco-slip tactics -- creatively transporting drugs inside of fruit, clams, Elmo dolls and even caskets -- we suspect that it could be awhile before the nation’s small time legion of petty smugglers operate under the same aptitude.

Case in point: Over the weekend, authorities at Calipatria State Prison arrested two women on two separate occasions after they allegedly attempted to smuggle in a substantial amount of marijuana and hash in bags of Skittles and corn nuts.

According to reports, the prison staff became suspicious of 28-year-old Cristina Walker after they noticed she was chewing gum inside the facility -- a red flag because gum is commonly used to manipulate locking devices. When prison guards asked the woman to dispose of her gum, she offered them another red flag by acting extremely nervous.

During a search, authorities discovered Walker was holding a bag of Skittles candies containing about 10 grams of marijuana, which were packaged inside nine individually wrapped containers -- an estimated prison value of $2,300.

Lieutenant Everado Silva, the prison administrative assistant public information officer, says that a second woman, who is completely unrelated to Walker, was also busted over the weekend for attempting to smuggle marijuana into the prison.

Authorities say that almost immediately after 22-year-old Angelina Chavira was permitted inside the facility for visitation, she began displaying suspicious behavior, which ultimately led to her being questioned by prison guards. Rather than fight to convince authorities that their suspicions were false, she caved and handed over a bag of corn nuts containing more than $10,000 in compressed hashish.

Both women were booked on felony charges.

Mike Adams writes for Playboy's The Smoking Jacket, BroBible and Hustler Magazine. Follow him: @adamssoup; facebook.com/mikeadams73.