SoCal stoners must have thought they were dreaming when they found an abandoned 30-foot panga boat filled with two tons of tightly wrapped marijuana on April 7.

Unfortunately, the boat, which washed ashore on the popular Malibu beach, Leo Carillo, reeked heavily of both weed and gasoline (yum!), and authorities were quickly on the scene.

Apparently panga boat drug-smuggling operations are frequent, with the open-air fishing boats heralding from Mexico and ferrying to empty California beaches for midnight drops. Nothing, however, ever goes according to plan, and this boat somehow ended up at the common surfing spot.

Three men, Carlos Millan-Rogel, Jesus Aaron Guevara-Moreno and Victor Ayala-Marin, were caught trying to make a run for it. The men face criminal trafficking charges and possible deportation, according to NBC Los Angeles. As for the marijuana, Homeland Security processed it as evidence. They estimate it to be up to $2 million in worth, depending on the quality, of course.

The LA Times reports that the men admitted to having sailed the boat from Rosarito, Mexico. Guevara-Moreno claims that the drug smugglers threatened to hurt his mother if he did not comply with the operation. Millan-Rogel admits to earning $2000 for the journey -- much needed money for his family. Ayala-Marin said he paid the smugglers to bring himself to the United States on the boat.