On Monday, TV host and former prosecutor Nancy Grace denounced recreational marijuana legalization, calling it “a horrible idea.”

Appearing on a segment of CNN Newsroom with host Brooke Baldwin, Grace said she arrived at her opinion after “studying [pot] and reading every shred of scientific and research data out there.” Somehow Grace must have overlooked – or ignored – the thousands of studies on the benefits and efficacy of cannabis.  

Grace justified her position based on “seeing what [pot] does to people on an everyday level.”  This assessment was based on Grace’s experience, “in court, when I would prosecute drug cases.” Of course, if pot were legal, people wouldn’t be prosecuted as criminals in the first place.

Still, the harshest criticism Grace could level on pot users is that it makes them “drop out of work, they become lethargic.” She then asked rhetorically, “Do you want your cab driver to be high on pot? How about your airplane pilot?”  

Baldwin suggested some would argue responsible use of marijuana could be safely done in a confined space, but Grace wouldn’t hear of it: “You mean a private space like your home where you’re supposed to be taking care of your children? Or cooking at a gas stove? Or lighting a fireplace, you mean that place? No, not a good idea.”

When Baldwin said half the viewing audience vehemently disagrees with her, Grace replied smugly: “The ones who are disagreeing are lethargic sitting on the sofa eating chips. Pot - it makes you fat and lazy.”