2013 wasn't going to come to an end without at least one more "weird weed" news story – and this one's a doozy. After an apparent attempted hijacking of a truck, law enforcement discovered 12 tons of marijuana aboard the vehicle. However, the driver was ultimately ruled out as a suspect. 

On the morning of December 2, an unidentified big-rig driver transporting electronics equipment north from San Diego to Tustin, California (an Orange County suburb) reported that a white panel van pulled up next to him while both vehicles were still in motion. The occupant of the van in the passenger seat allegedly flashed a badge of some sort dangling from his neck at the driver, demanding the trucker pull over. Both occupants of the van were identified as Latino males by the truck driver. 

The driver was suspicious of the van and its occupants and opted to stop at a local business where he contacted Tustin PD. Police reported that the white van lingered in the area for some time, but departed before the cops arrived. 

Perhaps the two men in that van knew something the trucker didn't, because after police showed up at the scene to investigate, they examined the truck and discovered some 24,000 pounds of pot – worth an estimated $7 million wholesale – packaged in bricks and hidden amidst the electronics.

However, the driver was not charged with any crime and is not regarded as a suspect by Tustin PD, which confirmed that no legitimate law enforcement officers were attempting to pull the truck over and are presently investigating this mysterious cannabis case.