For nearly 40 years, HIGH TIMES has developed a brand name that is synonymous with the unrelenting opposition to senseless drug laws and marijuana prohibition. No company or group has fought as long or as successfully as HIGH TIMES in that arena and that is why the brand is universally recognized as standing for those principles.

HIGH TIMES was the creator of and has sponsored, organized and arranged the “CANNABIS CUP” marijuana-themed competitions for more than 25 years. These events have been held in Amsterdam, California, Colorado, Michigan and Washington. Our honor, integrity and history stands behind our brand which we will never allow to be defiled or ripped off.

HIGH TIMES zealously protects its intellectual property and trademarks around the globe like any other business. Recently, it was forced to bring legal action in Washington State against the Northern Cross Collective and Martin Nickerson for their willful infringement upon HT’s proprietary trademark, “CANNABIS CUP.”

In an effort to address things directly, HIGH TIMES made several calls and sent several emails and letters to Northern Cross Collective advising them of HIGH TIMES’ trademark rights and demanding that they not infringe on those rights. Rather than responding and agreeing to change the name of their marijuana competition to something other than CANNABIS CUP, Northern Cross Collective and Nickerson ignored those calls, letters and emails, thus forcing HIGH TIMES to file a lawsuit in Washington State against them for their willful infringement on the CANNABIS CUP trademark.

That legal proceeding could have been easily avoided. The defendants have no one to blame but themselves for the initiation of that legal action and the damages and injunctive relief being sought. HIGH TIMES has and will continue to protect its proprietary trademarks around the world as Northern Collective and Martin Nickerson have now learned.