Embattled, controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford voiced his support for marijuana decriminalization during his weekly appearance on The Sports Junkies – a Washington DC radio show. However, Ford backtracked from those comments later in the day.

Mayor Ford admitted last August that he's "smoked a lot” of pot and was once arrested in the US for possessing a joint.  

The Junkies hosts referenced the recent news that DC might have a recreational pot legalization measure on the November ballot, and then asked Mayor Ford what he thought of legal weed.  

Ford responded: “That probably won’t happen up here because we have a Conservative government … They’re very strict when it comes to marijuana and any other drugs, so it’s not going to happen here. Maybe down in the States, but not up here.”

Ford then agreed with the host’s confusion over the conservative dichotomy that permits economic freedom but is more restrictive when it comes to personal liberties: “(Pot legalization)...it’s job creation, it is stimulating the economy. But I’ve questioned that too sometimes, why wouldn’t they at least decriminalize it and try to get revenue from it. But that’s a debate that’s been going on for years up in Canada.

“I don’t think they’re ever [going to legalize or decriminalize pot] unless the government changes, I don’t see the Conservative government ever letting that happen.”  

However, at a press conference later on Thursday, Mayor Ford reversed his position and even denied mentioning decrim: “No, I didn't say that. I said it's a federal issue. We have nothing to do with that.”

He added sarcastically: "Go talk to the prime minister. Or am I the prime minister now?"

Ford then shifted emphasis to The Sports Junkies hosts: “I was trying to explain it was a federal thing, but you know on that show they are always throwing curve balls.”   

Ford has previously admitted to using crack as mayor of Toronto.