Crank it to eleven with these delicious cannabis-infused treats, all recently entered in the Seattle US Cannabis Cup and reviewed by Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook.

People in Seattle appreciate the fine flavors of coffee, micro-brewed beers and local food, and these values translate perfectly into their cannabis-infused edibles. Connoisseurship goes hand-in-hand with pride in local ingredients and craftsmanship, and Seattle chefs produced a wide variety of tasty, inventive, potent treats that impressed the HIGH TIMES’ judges.

Edible makers in the Seattle are required to include lab-tested potency information on packages so consumers know how many milligrams of THC they are getting. A recommended dose for the average person is be 20 milligrams; if you’re a first-time edibles consumer, it’s wise to start with a low dose and work your way up. Be sure to wait at least two hours for the THC to work through your digestive system before eating any more cannabis-infused foods.

While some of the winners were from out-of-town, (since this was a legal US Cannabis Cup open to all competitors 21 years of age and up) the overall field of entries demonstrated the talents of the local entrepreneurs, and we would like to highlight some of the best entries so everyone knows where to go for delicious edibles in the Pacific Northwest.

First Place:
Day Dreamers High CBD Medicinal Chocolate Bar from SJ Patient’s Group

Fresh off a second-place win at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup this past June, the Day Dreamers Chocolate returned to dominate the competition with a very medicinal, professional product that tastes great and has very effective labeling. "Improving Your Everyday" is the slogan of this start-up edibles maker out of Santa Cruz, California, whose innovation has been enclosing each segment of chocolate in a blister pack, so freshness is preserved and dosage is precise.

There’s 30 mg of cannabinoids in each segment, with 15 mg of THC and 15 mg of CBD, totaling 180 mg in the whole pack. Using a one-to-one ratio of THC to CBD is supposed to confer a balanced synergy of healing benefits, and this is the first time I’ve seen equal amount of THC and CBD in an edibles product. Judges appreciated the nutrition facts, plus the accurate lab-tested info and appropriate labeling. The chocolate is very tasty and high quality but be warned -- there’s a definite cannabis aftertaste.

Second Place:
Be The Light Golden Frankincense Truffle from Chefettes

The product has an elegant presentation and luxurious ingredients, including 23-karat edible gold and goldschlager liqueur. Conceptual packaging referenced a "glowing light" from within, and Chefette Molly announced during her acceptance speech that, “We all need to be the light.” The treat smells fairly strong for the only 10 mg of THC present in each truffle. Judges appreciated the low-dose option, so more than one truffle could be ingested. It’s rich and buttery with hints of spice and cream.

Third Place:
Ettalew’s Medibles Sampler from Greenside Medical

Containing a whopping total of five delectable treats, this sampler pack was composed of a chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookie, a snickerdoodle bar, a seven-layer bar, a PB n’ Jay Bar and a gluten-free Fig Bar. All five treats were delicious and perfectly executed. Beautifully packaged in a wooden box, this collection from one of Seattle’s premiere edibles makers is something every connoisseur should experience!

Honorable Mentions:
Original Bhang Infused Tonic (Chai Flavor) from Siddhi Tonics

Super discreet, portable and healthy, this is an edible for a new type of health-conscious consumer. Created by Madhu, who spent much of his life living in India, this medicated powder can be added to water, coffee or smoothies. With more than 80 milligrams of THC, this is a “potent, energizing array of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Amazon herbal tonics” that contains caffeine-free adaptogenic herbs such as maca, cocoa, chicory, dandelion root and chai spices. This is a modern twist on an ancient healing cannabis tonic and can definitely be recommended to any patient.

Toffee Turtles from VFL Collective

After a third-place win in San Francisco, these treats scored highly with judges but were just barely edged out of the winner’s circle. The label on this much-loved edible declares “Decadent. Medicated. Delicious.” and these treats certainly live up to that description. Each package contains three small egg-shaped truffles with toffee crumbles on top, and each truffle contains 40 mg of THC, perfect for a single or shared dose. The flavor is amazing, and there’s no discernable cannabis aftertaste. This is definitely a product to stock up on.

Peanut Budda Buddha from Incredibles

This bar came in second place at the US Cannabis Cup this past April in Denver, Colorado, and was also close to the winner’s circle this time around. "Peanut Butter. Pretzel. Nirvana." is the tag line on the package, with a cartoon laughing Buddha holding a giant peanut and a pretzel. This bar contains 200 mg THC and the tamper-proof package recommends consuming it in six servings, which is good advice. A delicious, professional product that brings a popular flavor combination of chocolate, peanut butter and pretzels to patients, this bar was universally popular with the judges.

4 C's Truffles from Team Plum

These absolutely delicious truffles are “handcrafted with love” from high-quality ingredients including bittersweet chocolate, coconut cream and infused coconut oil. Eight small truffles are presented in a compostable container, and the recommended dose is two truffles. No lab-tested results are displayed on the package, but our competition testing revealed 12 milligrams of THC in each small piece.

Refine Seattle's Ultra CBD Capsule from X-tracted Laboratories

Incredibly professional medicinal presentation with two golden capsules in a small plastic container. As it says on the label, "The Difference is Science" and having plain, easy-to-read lab-tested information helps a lot. Each capsule contains 100 mg hash oil, including 59.46 mg activated CBD and 39 mg activated THC. This is the perfect product for pain or insomnia.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 420 Bar from Perfection Confection

Marketed by Evergreen Herbal as "The 4:20 Bar" with Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt and 4.20 grams of medicinal cannabis, this nicely packaged chocolate bar has appropriate warnings and lab-tested potency information of 180 milligrams of THC spread out over six clearly defined segments. This is indeed a salty bar -- kissed with just enough salt from mama ocean” as the label says -- with a significant amount of ganja flavor, but it’s still a higher-quality chocolate than many competitors. The label also offers the responsible consumption advice of “Until you know the effect of this product, eat only half of a segment, and wait a minimum of 75 minutes before consuming another portion.” which judges appreciated.

Nana's Secret Soda: Orange Cream from Nana's Secret
Tastes just like orange cream soda that recalls nostalgic childhood memories, but with a nice aftertaste of hash. Stylish and original, this product has 72.30 mg of THC, plus a complete nutrition facts and ingredients list. Be sure to check out this delicious medicated soda the next time you’re in the Seattle area!

Strawberry Cannabis Lemonade from Evergreen Herbal
This excellent product won third place in Los Angeles at our Medical Cannabis Cup in February 2013. Having an icy cold cannabis-infused lemonade on a hot day is a great joy, and a wonderful option for patients who are seeking variety in their edibles. This drink is nicely packaged with a professional label stating 72 milligrams of THC. Advises consumption of "half a serving... until you know the effect of this product, wait a minimum of 35 minutes before consuming another portion." Tastes like a great strawberry lemonade with a hefty hint of cannabis flavor.