Marisol Gardens of Pueblo, CO, one of the first licensed "adult use" cannabis centers in the state, has seen around-the-block lines since New Year's Day day dawned. That's the day when actual cannabis shops could sell pot to the world -- not just Coloradoans -- for the first time in history! Thousands of legal cannabis buyers across the Rocky Mountain state have withstood lengthy waiting times in wintry weather in order to purchase their pot. But the spirits of consumers have remained high (naturally); primarily, because they know a new era of freedom has arrived.

Today, marijuana comedy legend Tommy Chong made a personal appearance at Marisol Gardens to celebrate the newfound freedom of Colorado. A heated, parking lot-sized tent was erected at the last minute to warm the crowd, with a day-long snowstorm lashing the area. Tommy signed albums, posters, photos, T-shirts and whatever else was shoved under his pen for hours, a clear indication of his enduring and ever-growing popularity. Time and time again, the Colorado cannabis community thanked him for his activism, his humor and his unswerving commitment to freeing pot for everyone. He received a raucous welcome from the crowd and, in turn, complimented them on their decision to make weed legal. But Tommy wondered: "We've won this war, right? So how come the losers are making the rules?"

Before his appearance, Tommy visited the gardens of Marisol with owner Michael Stetler.

Native American award-winning musician Gabe Ayala plays for the crowd.

Tommy wonders why the losers of the Drug War are making the rules.

A Chong Fan brought his Chong action-hero from the last century for an autograph.

The Colorado cannabis community celebrates their victory with Tommy.