In addition to the attendees, venders, entertainers and panelists who participated in the first US Cannabis Cup this past weekend, HIGH TIMES magazine would like to thank the town of Denver for hosting this historic affair. Our event brought more than 16.000 people from across the country together for a two-day celebration of personal freedom. We can not overestimate the importance of this moment. For almost 80 years, US citizens have been subject to arrest and persecution for the use and possession of marijuana—a plant that is now known to have numerous medicinal qualities in addition to its relatively benign intoxicating properties. Prohibition has ruined numerous lives, and we applaud Colorado voters for righting this national shame. By example, the city of Denver has shown the world the extraordinary economic opportunities that legal marijuana represents. By allowing marijuana users to come together peacefully for this event, it has also helped erase the stigma that has been cast over our culture for so long. Voters throughout the country will look at Colorado’s shining model of progressive legislation, and without question, more states will follow its lead. It is always better to coexist in prosperity than to suffer in enmity.