It's always a pleasure to chat with the many seed breeders that attend our HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups and 2014 in San Bernardino is no exception. I stopped by the TGA booth to catch up with Subcool and his lovely wife MzJill as well as the rest of the Team Green Avenger crew to find out more about their recent projects.

TGA are longtime members of the HIGH TIMES Seed Bank Hall of Fame, and have had multiple Top Ten Strains of the Year.  I've gotten to know Subcool over the years, and he and his people are the real deal. For over a decade, they've provided great genetics, properly selected and tested, and they also put their money where their mouths are by contributing to autism awareness efforts and organizing toy drives for needy children. Strains such as Vortex, Chernobyl and Qleaner have cemented their reputation for contributions to the cannabis gene pool.

MzJill, is a pioneer: one of the very few American female cannabis breeders and creator of the Jillybean strain. She showed me her daughter's handmade quilt, made of marijuana t-shirts, that they're auctioning for MzJill's People Helping People.

Sub tells me he's particularly excited about his new Quantum Kush, a sativa-dominant hybrid that tested off the charts in THC levels. He's also proud of TGA's high-CBD strain Pennywise, a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, that has shown tremendous promise in treating many ailments.

For more info and to learn about the Subcool School of Dank visit them! Watch their "Weed Nerd" show on YouTube. For more info on their autism support email