It’s one thing to have your pot in the car -- it’s a whole other thing to fly down the highway at over 100 mph. And, of course, if you mix the two components you’re asking for buckets of trouble.

Remember folks: Only break one law at a time.

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Akeem Spence found this out personally when he was pulled over by Alabama State troopers after speeding through Escambia County; a K-9 unit searched his car and sniffed out his pot. He was booked on charges of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 

Spence just finished his rookie year at defensive end for the woeful Buccaneers, who finished at the bottom of their division at 4-12. Spence started 14 games in 2013, recording 29 tackles and a sack. He's now subject to a suspension during the 2014 NFL season.