A “healthy alternative” to sizzurp? Or capitalizing on the exploding cannabis market?

A Southern California company released Grape Syzurp with Cannabinoids this week, delivering slick-looking bottles of the “medicated syrup” to medical marijuana dispensaries in the LA area.

The syrup does not contain any codeine, the main ingredient in the drug cocktail known as sizzurp or lean. Actabliss, the company behind the new dank drank, claims that they are offering it as a “healthy alternative” to lean. The company’s founder, who goes by the name Actaboss, was quoted in LA Weekly as saying, “A lot of people who say they want to stop drinking lean are purchasing it. A whole group of people realize it's good medicine and it works for them.”

Of course marijuana is good medicine, and it works for millions of people around the globe. Grape Syzurp with Cannabinoids is stirring up controversy not because it’s a medical pot product, but because it seems to be celebrating a drug that is dangerous and has killed people. Rapper L’il Wayne had a nasty addiction to lean that almost killed him.

The gooey Actabliss syrup costs 45 bucks a bottle. The company is currently working on new flavors, and is considering concocting a THC-free version to ship out of state. Sounds like they’ve identified a money-making niche in the medical marijuana market.