The chair of Sweden’s Parliamentary Justice Committee, and former justice minister, Thomas Bodström favors voluntary drug testing. In fact, he “lectures regularlay on the issue.” However, when personally faced with the opportunity to submit to a drug test, Mr. Bodström declined.


Current justice minister Beatrice Ask has come out in favor of mandatory drug testing for young people in Sweden. So, a Swedish radio program decided to give the two politicians the chance to put their money where their mouths are and submit to drug tests.


According to reports, the radio reporter initially got Mr. Bodström to agree to a urinalysis after showing up at the justice committee chair’s office. Bodström told the reported “Yes, you can test me for drugs.” He was then informed that the test was to take place right then and there and the nurse present explained the test would show any “amphetamines, hash, opiates and benzodiazepines” present in his system. After hearing the list, Mr. Bodström suddenly had a change of heart.


Mr. Bodström told the reporter, “No, never mind. I am backing out. I don’t feel like it now, I feel that it would be too personal and I feel all sweaty with my shirt and everything.”


On the other hand, current justice minister Ask submitted to her test “without reservation.”


Makes you wonder how many American politicians who favor of drug testing would submit to a urinalysis on the spot…

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