A California widow has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after a SWAT team in search of illegal drugs shot and killed her 80-year-old husband in the couple’s bed.

Reports indicate that a pack of officers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department showed up last summer at the home of retired engineer, Eugene Mallory, on a mission to execute a warrant to search the property for methamphetamine. The raid was given a green light after a detective, who claimed to be a narcotics expert, said he “smelled the strong odor of chemicals” coming from the residence.

When these soldiers of the drug war showed up at Mallory’s rural home on the morning of June 27, they began their tirade by detaining his wife, Tonya Pate, who was found in a trailer on the property where she often slept to avoid the summer heat. Officers also took control of Mallory’s stepson, Adrian Lamos, a couple of his friends, and a local mechanic who was on the property working on a car.

Yet, there was no sign of Mallory, who was still in the house sound asleep. That's when armed deputies stormed the residence, where an officer shot Mallory six times after claiming that he was stumbling towards him in the hallway holding a gun. But that is not what really happened.

When investigators arrived on the scene, they discovered Mallory’s bloody body on the bed, not in the hallway, which gave them reason to believe that the man was in bed at the time he was shot. Deputies later changed their story when they were unable to convince investigators that Mallory actually came after them.

Sergeant John Bones, the officer responsible for using his MP-5 9mm submachine gun to fire all six shots, testified that he commanded Mallory to “drop the gun” before showering him with bullets. However, an audio recording of the raid reveals that he actually shot Mallory before saying the words, “drop the gun.”

While the coroner did find the .22 caliber pistol that two officers claimed Mallory aimed at them sitting on a nightstand, there was nothing to suggest that Mallory was holding the gun at the time he was killed.

In the end, Mallory had not fired his weapon, and the raid uncovered not a single shred of evidence of methamphetamine… only two marijuana plants growing in the backyard, which belonged to Mallory’s stepson, who holds a California medical marijuana license.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has refused to comment.

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