Arizona lost its appeal to the Supreme Court in the case of Valerie Okun and thus must now return the pot they seized back into her loving arms.

The case started when Okun, who had marijuana in her car, was stopped by a Border Patrol agent in Yuma County, Arizona, in 2011. She was charged with marijuana possession crimes, but the charges were dropped when she provided proof she was allowed to possess the medical-grade ganja under California's medical marijuana program. Under current laws in Arizona, patients with medical cards from other states are allowed to possess the herb in America's 48th state. 

Yet the Yuma County sheriff still refused to return Okun's marijuana, even after Arizona courts ruled in her favor. As you can imagine, Valerie was super pissed! Luckily when consulted, the Supreme Court refused to overturn the Arizona court rulings, thus forcing the big bad sheriff to return the good stuff to her. The justices' verdict was issued "without comment" today. Considering the lapse of time, we say that sheriff should be required to give her some newly grown weed for her trouble. 

Moral of the story? Hands off the pot, popo!