Andrea Sanderlin, a mother of two from Scarsdale, New York, has been dubbed the real-life Nancy Botwin – the pot-dealing lead character in the hit show Weeds – after being busted for growing 2,800 cannabis plants in a Queens warehouse late last month.  

According to the Smoking Gun, Sanderlin, 45, was arrested after five men were busted in April for growing pot in two NYC warehouses, and one of them subsequently ratted her out as the mastermind matron behind the multi-million dollar operation conducted in multiple NYC boroughs. 

Residents told the New York Daily News they were surprised Sanderlin was the suspect, given that she didn't smoke or drink and doted on her two daughters. However, authorities allegedly discovered books on cultivating pot and money laundering in her home as well as high stacks of cash piled in the bedroom.

The parallels to Weeds run deeper than just appearances. In the Showtime program, the Botwin character originally used a fake bakery as a front for her pot business and as a means to launder money. In Sanderlin’s case, she used her "Fantastic Enterprises" faux biz for the same purposes. 

And while Nancy Botwin and her sons lived in a fictional, well-off L.A. suburb, Sanderlin's real-life hometown of Scarsdale ranked as the third-highest "top earning town" in the US by CNN Money in 2011.  

It remains to be seen if Sanderlin, facing 10 years behind bars, will ever experience a sanguine denouement like Botwin's character, who successfully sold her pot business after marijuana was legalized in the US.  

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