March 9, 2005 — A substitute teacher is facing several charges after he was arrested on Wednesday for smoking marijuana with students at Fresno High School.

Christopher Bochin is facing several charges. Perhaps the most shocking is he had students get pot out of his car and bring it back to the classroom at Fresno High to share.

The story of a teacher smoking pot with students is all over the campus. Students that Action News talked to are as surprised and shocked as their parents would be.

The young substitute teacher was hired to be teaching Earth Science. Gregg Sanders, from the Fresno Police Department, says 22-year-old Christopher Bochin smoked marijuana with at least ten of his students in a Fresno High classroom.

"What he did, he sent two students, apparently to his personal vehicle to retrieve his marijuana and a smoking pipe, " said Sanders. "When the two students returned, Mr. Bochin and approximately ten students smoked the marijuana in class."

There were other kids in the classroom who didn't join in.

School authorities learned about the pot party when a teacher confiscated a students cell phone and read a text message that was apparently sent by one of the students smoking pot.

Bochin was arrested at Fresno High. He's facing felony charges of providing marijuana to minors and misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Students who talked to Action News had no sympathy for the substitute teacher.

"It's revolting. It's really disgusting."

"Teachers are supposed to help kids, they're not supposed to ruin their lives."

Police are still investigating the case and don't know if any of the students involved will face charges.

But, Susan Bedi, from Fresno Unified, says they are in trouble with the school district. "The students will be suspended parents have been contacted and there will be counseling. There might be some students that are recommended for expulsion."

Fresno Unified says Bochin has been a substitute since October.

He has been suspended by the district.

He posted bail and is now out of jail, but could face charges for each student he's accused of allowing to smoke pot.

Action News attempted to contact the substitute teacher, and were referred to his attorney.

He tells Action News that teacher Christopher Bochin is emotionally distraught. He adds they're looking to get him into a drug treatment program as soon as possible.