The Subcool School of Dank is July 22 and 23rd IN Seattle, Washington. All proceeds go to benefit families of children with autism.

An event to raise money for kids/autism

To bring advanced, but simplified growing techniques to patients using cannabis as medicine and growing their own, as well as exposure to the politics, culture and activism surrounding the plant.

Subcool is the author of many books like The Dank and The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana, and has also been in HIGH TIMES countless times with his strains. Subcool list of strains are TGA Subcool Seeds Pandora’s Box, TGA Subcool Seeds The Third Dimension, The Void, Jack’s Cleaner 2, Space Bomb, Space Queen, TGA Subcool Seeds Dairy Queen, Qleaner, Agent Orange, Vortex, Jilly Bean, Chernobyl, Jack Ripper, Deep Purple, Querkle.

Subcool is bringing his advanced growing techniques to medical marijuana patients in States allowing for the use of cannabis as medicine. Events feature two days of hands on instruction, open panels with The Green Avengers, music and door prizes Classes will be covering topics such as starting from seed, cloning, room construction, soil preparation, topping, transplanting and atmosphere. 

In addition to grow advice, School of Dank will feature a basic cooking demonstration with Mz. Jill and a glass blowing demonstration with pioneer glassblower, Bob Snodgrass. Student will have opportunity for questions and answers after each session as well as access to representatives from all aspects of the medical marijuana community.