A new study funded in part by the National Institute of Health has found that THC helps you sleep better. The study, published by the American Journal on Addictions, was conducted on 13 “chronic daily cannabis smokers” over a period of one week, with controlled oral THC doses of 20 milligrams administered “around the clock.”

The volunteer smokers, who received up to 120 mg of THC a day, were given a questionnaire to complete every morning, and blood samples were drawn to measure plasma THC and active metabolite concentrations. Associations between changes in sleep characteristics and THC concentration in blood levels were noted. Researchers concluded that higher evening THC concentrations “were significantly associated with shorter sleep latency, less difficulty falling asleep, and more daytime sleep the following day.”

The government-funded study confirms what tokers have always known – marijuana is useful for treating insomnia and other sleep troubles.