There are wealth of famous scientists and inventors that have documented bouts of drug use. Sigmund Freud, the highly cited founder of psychoanalysis, was a hardcore speed fiend that utilized copious amounts of cocaine to scribe some of his most popular research, while Steve Jobs, the influential mind behind modern advancements in computer technology, was likely tripping balls on LSD when he conjured up concepts for products that many of us use today.

In our formative years, the system tells us that only stupid people use drugs, but a recent study suggests the contrary: smart people are the ones with a voracious appetite for mind-altering substances.

In a recent survey, which extended over a period of several decades, researchers at Cardiff University in Wales found that people with higher IQs are more likely to get ripped up on illegal drugs than a person of average intelligence.

To make this determination, researchers set out to study nearly 8,000 people born in April 1970… measuring their IQs and asking them questions about psychological issues and drug use at the age of five and 10, and then again at 16 and 30.

What they found was by the age of 30, about 35 percent of the men and 16 percent of the women claimed to have smoked marijuana within the past year, while  nine percent of the men and four percent of the women admitted to sticking their noses inside the occasional bag of cocaine.

Interestingly, the study found that women with the highest IQ scores were five times more likely to get smoke weed and snort cocaine than those residing at the bottom of the intelligence ranks. In men, those with higher IQ scores were more than 50 percent more likely to get juiced up on amphetamines – 65 percent enjoyed MDMA.

"The likely mechanism is openness to experience… and, I think, it's also this idea of having an educated view of risk as well,” said lead researcher, James White, who explained the phenomenon by suggesting that smart kids have a tendency to get bored easily and are less likely to buy into anti-drug campaigns.

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