New research suggests cannabis-based medicine may allow those afflicted with Lou Gehrig’s disease to lead longer, more productive lives.

Researchers from the Complutense University in Spain published their latest findings in the medical journal CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, which details an exploration into the effects of the cannabis-based pharmaceutical, Sativex on the debilitating and deadly wrath of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The consensus is that Sativex slows the progression of Lou Gehrig’s disease in laboratory animals.

The study, which was conducted by injecting mice in late stages of the disease with a combination of THC and CBD extracts, is consistent with previous studies that have found cannabinoids effective in hindering the evolution of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Researchers conclude that while clinical trails are necessary to paint a more accurate portrait of the drug’s effectiveness on the disease, they believe their findings “provide support that Sativex (or alternative Sativex-like combinations of phytocannabinoids) may serve as a novel disease-modifying therapy in ALS.”

This discovery could eventually change the fate of the nearly 30,000 Americans currently inflicted with the disease, which destroys the brain and spinal cord, and ultimately leads to paralysis and death.

There are only six states in the US that allows the use of medical marijuana for patients suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease: Arizona, Florida, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey and New Mexico. Because the federal government is working with Sativex manufacturer, GW Pharmaceuticals, there is a distinct possibility the drug will soon be FDA approved for clinical trials for ALS and many other serious conditions.

After all, Sativex is currently being tested in America as a treatment for cancer and epilepsy patients, which is interesting considering marijuana continues to be unrecognized by the federal government as having any medicinal benefit.

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