According to the first serious and scientific study into LSD in nearly 40 years, the psychedelic can be a useful tool in aiding people with terminal illnesses to cope with death. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases reports that out of the twelve volunteers who took the banned substance within the controlled study, all of them felt 'significant reductions in anxiety' about their impending deaths.

Most of the participants tragically suffered from different types of terminal cancer and many of them ultimately passed away with a year of the study. 'All participants reported a personal benefit from the treatment, and the effects were stable over time.' 11 of the 12 subjects had not ever taken LSD before in their lives. 8 of the subjects were fed 200-microgram doses of the drug while the four others received a tenth of that amount. 

After taking the substance, the subjects experienced ten-hour trips where they would discuss topics that ranged from their childhoods to their unsteady futures. One of the participants described the experience: "My LSD experience brought back some lost emotions and ability to trust, lots of psychological insights, and a timeless moment when the universe didn't seem like a trap, but like a revelation of utter beauty."

While the study proved to be small in physical size, the importance of it cannot be overstated. This opens the door for more legitimate studies into the medicinal qualities of drugs like LSD and also cannabis. Science will prove us right!