Problem: Nerve Damage
Solution: Romulan

Romulan - Next Generation Seed Company British Columbia established itself long ago as the pot paradise of Canada's provinces, and the strain called Romulan led the way. It was first brought to the Vancouver Island area in the '70s by Romulan Joe (a.k.a. Mendocino Joe), and ever since then, local breeders have worked with his rare clones to select for and isolate the classic "Rom" traits.

With a uniquely piney odor and peppery flavor, Romulan represents the finest in indica-dominant genetics. These buds are prized by medical patients for their pain-relieving properties and devastatingly powerful couch-lock high, great for treating nerve damage.

Cultivators love indicas for their growth patterns, and the Romulan exhibits all of the classic traits, staying short and stocky, with a good amount of branching and less than a foot of stretch after flowering is induced. Boasting purple stems topped with wide, dark green fan leaves, Romulan packs on weight quickly even in harsh conditions. She will typically turn a beautiful blue tint while ripening, especially in the cold of a Canadian autumn.

Lineage: Federation California Romulan Clone x [White Whino x White Rhino]
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Contact: Greenlife Seeds