Photo by Subcool

Problem: Nausea
Solution: Vortex

Vortex -- TGA/Subcool Seeds, HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strain, 2007

Subcool returns with Vortex, his follow-up to Jack the Ripper. For Vortex, Subcool crossed Apollo 13 with Space Queen to produce a potent batch of seeds sure to provide a keeper mother plant with the characteristics of one of two phenos. The Apollo 13-dominant one is called Dynamo and finishes after 58 days; the Space Queen-dominant pheno, dubbed Cosmos, takes a bit longer but grows larger and tastes even fruitier, with interesting sour undertones.

These days, Subcool focuses primarily on plants with medicinal properties, and this one will promote the munchies for those suffering from nausea or otherwise unable to eat. He describes the Vortex as "tasting of sour fruit and pineapple or mango candy. It has a high pistil-to-leaf ratio that makes smoking it a treat, since there's very little leaf on each bud and a thick coating of resin." I've found that Subcool's strains are perfect for vaporizing in the Volcano; their flavor profiles just seem all the more complex and rewarding.

Lineage: Apollo 13 x Space Queen
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Contact: Subcool Seeds/TGA