Problem: Insomnia
Solution: Lavender from Soma Sacred Seeds

1st Place HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Indica, 2005

Lavender is one of the all-time-best mellow, violet-colored, indica-dominant strains available to the public today. By the time she’s finished flowering, the leaves will have turned a super-dark purple bordering on black, with bright orange veins running throughout. Dense nuggets of Lavender are a photographer’s dream, and she exhibits beautiful fall foliage when ripe. The taste is of plum and pomegranate, well balanced by the hash afternotes. A dry toke will also reveal hints of an anise or licorice backend.

Lavender plants stretch a bit more than the average indica, so be prepared. Her relaxing and sedative high can be a bit much for the unsuspecting toker, but Soma says it’s a perfect nighttime or rainy-day smoke, though not recommended for use at parties or prior to activities. For this reason, medical patients looking for help with insomnia should try some Lavender for evening relief.

Lineage: Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani/Hawaiian

Flowering time: Eight to nine weeks

Contact: Soma Sacred Seeds