Problem: Anxiety
Solution: Satori

Satori – Mandala Seeds

HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strain, 2007

Sativa lovers, rejoice! Breeders Mike and Jasmin of Mandala Seeds have created one of the finest sativas we’ve ever sampled. Satori combines the wonderful “up” high of a longer-flowering plant with the production, hardiness and rapid growth typical of shorter, stockier indicas. Known for their potent yet affordable strains, Mandala Seeds produce limited amounts of unique, connoisseur-quality seeds created from the rare genetics of Nepal and India (where some of the strongest herb on earth has been grown for centuries).

Mike and Jasmin sell only F1 seeds, which benefit from hybrid vigor, thus ensuring that plants grown from them exhibit stronger resistance to heat, pests, and the deadly diseases that can be caused by molds and viruses. The high from the Satori is electric and without any kind of ceiling; keep on smoking and you continue to soar! This strain is perfect for those of us with a higher THC tolerance. Medical users point out Satori’s abilities to ease depression and anxiety (unlike some sativas that can make the heart race). Growers will find her easy to manicure and a pleasure to cultivate. Take it easy on the nutrients and let her go the full 10 weeks for complete enlightenment.

Lineage: Nepalese landrace backcross
Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks

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