Problem: ADD/ADHD
Solution: G-13 Haze

Barney’s head honcho Derry crossed the legendary G-13 male responsible for many of Amsterdam’s finest coffeeshop weeds with a favorite Hawaiian sativa to create the G-13 Haze, which promptly won Cup awards two years in a row. Spicy and sweet flavors as well as a stupendous, uplifting high make this sativa-dominant plant a real keeper.

G-13 Haze grows short and stocky for a sativa, forming dense, highly crystallized buds that fill out into long, firm colas. Remember that slow and steady wins the race with longer-flowering plants, so feed the G-13 Haze minimally and alternate between a mild nutrient solution and plain water. The scent will accumulate as the plant matures, finally resulting in a fragrant “fruit bomb” with a taste of incense and even cardamom. Medicinally speaking, this strain can be used to treat depression, ADD and ADHD. The G-13 Haze is also available in feminized form for farmers who don’t dig on growing dudes.

Lineage: G-13 x Hawaiian

Flowering time: 10 to 11 weeks

Contact: Barney’s Farm