By around November, America’s obsession with football and basketball reaches fever pitch. But have you ever noticed that both the sports world and the stoner world use similar terminology? Of course, there are different meanings…

What an overzealous trimmer is guilty of.
Encroachment: You’ve got forest creatures munching on your plants.
Field Goal: Six pounds per plant.
4th and 20: A better prospect for stoners than football players.
Illegal Procedure: Just about everything associated with marijuana.
Long Pass: When you have to walk across the room to share a joint.
Pass Interference: Somebody grabbed the joint on the way.
Rushing: Harvesting too early.
Safety: Your top priority.
Sideline: How growers describe their “other job.”
Super Bowl: You just filled your pipe with OG Kush.
Tripping: Do we really have to explain?

Pick & Roll: Finding a prime bud for your joint.
Moving Screen: A serious foul resulting in a hot ash charring your throat.
Crossover Dribble: When you pass the bong to your buddy and spill it in his lap.
Illegal Zone: What stoners in 48 states have to deal with.
Flagrant Foul: Bong water that hasn’t been changed since last year’s Final Four.
Bounce Pass: Never works very well.
The Key: Old-school terminology for a kilo.
Full Court Press: A federal conviction for growing over 100 pounds.
Shooting Guard: What some dispensaries employ.
Fade away: What happens after your first dab.