Dear Hyapatia,
I used to never be able to come during sex. Now with my new boyfriend, I’ve been enjoying sex like other people for the first time in my life. We get really high and then have sex. I feel like I’m floating. I laugh and come really hard. My problem is that now it has gotten to the point that I can’t come unless I’m stoned. I don't know if I’ll ever be able to come straight. I’ve tried and it just isn't the same. What’s wrong with me?

Dear Celia,
Nothing is wrong with you! So what if you need to get high before you have sex to cum! It’s not going to hurt you or anything else. Smoking pot relaxes us and allows us to feel all the good feelings like happiness, creativity, harmony, understanding and the ability to communicate better – physically or verbally. Many people find it hard to relax in today’s world. Perhaps, in a perfect world, you wouldn’t need to smoke pot every time you had sex in order to come. But remember, you can’t be perfect in an imperfect world. It is just impossible! There are so many pressures and worries. It’s hard for people to get their minds and bodies to relax. But that's why the Great Spirit created pot!

Dear Hyapatia,
I had a girlfriend for two years and we had the best sex ever. After a good attitude adjustment in the evening with our favorite weed, we fucked every night. We both always came many times and it was always as hot as hell. She liked everything I did and it was like there wasn't a single move that she didn't groove on. Now I’m with another girl. I like her a lot and all, but in bed it just ain't the same. I can't seem to get her off as much as I used to with my other lady. Why can't she relax and let go and get as hot as I know she could if she would just try. What can I do to help her?

Dear Cal,
There are about five different basic shapes of women's pussies – and about the same number of shapes and sizes for guys’ cocks. Sometimes the fit is perfect; sometimes it takes a little adjusting to find the best positions, etc. I can't go into the details of all five here, but my Native American heritage teaches that there is “dancing woman” (with small pussy lips, who likes it deep), and a “horse man” (obviously hung). They are perfect for each other. A “wolf woman” (with large pussy lips, who does not like it too deep) is perfect for a “bear man” (who is not too long, but extra thick). If a horse man is with a wolf woman, he’d have to adjust how deep his thrusts are for her and concentrate on her clitoris more than her G-spot, but the dancing woman is the opposite. You and your girlfriend might have to try some different positions and explore each other's body a bit more! 

Heya Hya!
I’m a grower with years of success under my belt and a fully stocked delivery service on the DL. My lady and I have only been together a few weeks. When we first met, she didn't seem that into me, until she found out I had a bunch of weed laying around. Now she wants to be with me all the time and the whole thing is hot and heavy. I get the feeling though that she is just a weed whore. I just don't understand. Why all of a sudden, after meeting me a couple of times before, and nothing, you know?


Dear Chips,
Your instincts could be right or it could be that it took meeting you a couple of times for her to find out what kind of person you are and become interested in you. Are you insecure with the ladies? Remember, you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself, but she could be actually into you and you just can't believe it. You could always set up a small test to determine if it’s you or your green. Try hanging out with her a few times and don’t smoke and refrain from weed conversation. If she’s still just as into you, it’s real, dude! If not, you know what to do.

Dear Hyapatia,
My girlfriend and I like to have sex in the shower. A couple of weeks ago, we were doing it and I had to pee. Since we were in the shower, I just peed a little bit inside her. She didn't seem to notice so I didn't say anything. A few days later we were fucking in the shower again and I peed in her again, it was a little bit more this time. It felt so good; I couldn't help it. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing it every day since. I don't know if she knows what I am doing or not. She never complains. I would think she could feel it and know, but when I asked her if I could pee inside her she acted shocked and said she’d have to think about it. I wanted to tell her that I’ve already been doing it for a couple of weeks, but I didn't know what she would say about that. Why doesn't she just say okay? It shouldn't be a big deal.

Dear Johnny,
At first I thought this was a prank letter and I disregarded it, but then I got to thinking. What if someone really is doing this out there? If you really are peeing in your girlfriend, here’s what I have to say –  what the hell gives you the right to do science experiments on your girlfriend’s body without her permission? Are you nuts? Have you ever heard of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? They’re often caused by things going up into the pussy that shouldn't really be there: if you douche too much or too hard; if you use too many dirty foreign objects during sex; or if you piss in your girlfriends pussy! These ailments are very painful and can lead to sterility. You think hell hath no furry like a woman scorned? Wait until an angry woman you made sterile comes after you! Toilets and urinals are for pissing in, not your girlfriend's pussy, ass or mouth – just in case your mind already went there, dirty Johnny.