Dear Hyapatia,
My girlfriend and I started watching some porn together and now she is much more open and into experimenting. She’s even into doing some things in public. This has really surprised me. I like it a lot. We used to just sit at home and get high and then go off to the bedroom. Things are really spiced up since we watched some things on the computer. I wanted to tell you so maybe some other couples could try this, too. On the weekends, we get real stoned and then go out on the town for some hot sex. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get into a public place or somewhere that turns you on. My girlfriend seems to get turned on just being out of the house. Things are so much better now!

Dear Sean,
Thank you for letting us know. I’ve found some very exciting things in movies that have taken me to a new level of excitement many times. Many times they’ve given a new breath of life to an old relationship. Getting high before you go is great, of course, but you might want to try some edibles to keep you going while you’re out. I love the way edibles make you feel during sex. Cheeba Chews and the Candy Girls make great treats. There are so many good edibles out there now. I’m on a quest to try them all and it will be awhile before I’m done!  

I’ve been reading HIGH TIMES since the 70s and love everything about it. My old lady and I have been together almost that long. We have a great sex life. We have done it just about everywhere – and I mean everywhere! We drive a truck and have gone all over this country. There is nothing like looking at all the famous landmarks of this country and knowing we have done it by all of them. Recently, my wife sprung a new one on me. She wants me to shave – down there. I don't get it. Why? After all these years of going natural, why the change?

Dear Marc,
Perhaps she just wants to try it out. Does she shave for you? Most women do, even if it’s just a little bit. If she shaves her legs, or pussy, wouldn’t it only be fair for you to do the same? Especially after all those years? Some women prefer their men “man-scaped” to avoid a mouth full of hair (which can be a real buzzkill) or maybe they think it smells bad, etc. – basically all of the same reasons a man might want his girl to trim up. Try it! You may find you like it better yourself. I’ve always found that the less hair, the more sensitivity. Anyway, it can't hurt, and it will grow back. You could even turn it into foreplay. Get really stoned, and let her help you. Then finish it off with more tokin'. Then start smokin'!

My boyfriend and I have lived together for almost a year. We are both STD-free. I’m on birth control, yet he insists on wearing a condom. I don't understand why. We are together so much that it would be pretty much impossible for either of us to cheat on each other, so I know neither of us could be bringing anything unwanted into our bed. I’ve tried to hint around about it, but he either doesn't get the hint or he wants to wear one anyway. What can I do?

Dear Stephanie,
Sometimes guys want to wear a condom so they won't come too quickly – especially guys under 30. It makes their cock less sensitive, so they can last longer. My guess is that your boyfriend wants to be able to give you a good, long ride on his cock and make you cream at least a couple of times before he lets himself go. Guys are usually pretty cool like that. As guys get older, they usually can last longer without the aid of a condom, but not always. By the time a guy gets to be in his 50s or 60s, the opposite can happen and it may be more difficult to get and keep his hard-on. Ergo Viagra!

Dear Hyapatia,
My girlfriend is embarrassed to suck my cock. She says she doesn't mind doing it, but she doesn't want me to look at her or have the lights on – at all! I’ve tried to make her feel comfortable and tell her I won't look. It’s hard to get a room totally dark so you can't see anything. It feels so feels good and before I realize it, I forget. Then she stops, saying I looked at her. What can I do to make her feel more comfortable doing this?

Dear Mike,
I would suggest you pick out a good hardcore, X-rated porn movie and watch it together over a blunt or a few joints. When she sees other women doing it, she’ll probably realize that it isn't as bad for you watch as she thought. My guess is she’s afraid that she doesn’t feel pretty while doing it. Your job is to make her feel pretty while she is doing it. Tell her how beautiful and hot she looks with your cock in her mouth. Tell her how much it turns you on and how she looks better than the girls in the movie doing it. Don't expect that one time will solve all her insecurities. But it can be fun getting high and watching adult movies together and getting ideas!