Dear Hyapatia,
My girlfriend and I live together and we have an indoor garden. She helps out with it sometimes, but mostly it is up to me to keep things going. She does enjoy the crop but lately she has been complaining about the space it takes up.  She says she she needs the room for other things. What should I do?

Dear John,
Perhaps you could compromise. It seems to me that if she enjoys what you grow, she should want the garden to stay. Maybe you could move some of it to a closet or something. It's  pretty easy to start clones in a small space. Maybe that would be enough to make her happy. You might also consider showing her how much money you're saving by growing your own. Perhaps that will convince her that her stuff can be stored somewhere else cheaper. I wish you lots of luck with all that.

Dear Hyapatia,
I like to smoke at night to help me calm down from all the stress of the day so I can sleep. My lady complains about it almost every night. It's getting worse and worse and now she gets me so stressed out about it that I end up smoking even more pot. I tried to tell her she was making it worse, but it did no good. She says she's not trying to change me, but it's obvious to me that is exactly what  she's doing. What can I do to get her off my ass?

Dear Reggie,
I have to agree with you. Your girlfriend is trying to change a behavior, that's been working just fine, for no apparent reason. I wonder if she's ever had a glass of wine or a beer to calm down after a hard day's work? It seems that she has no reason to be against your smoking. Has she pointed out anything she doesn't like about it? I hope there are other positive things about the relationship. If so, maybe you can talk it out.

I am single and would like to find a guy that likes to smoke lots of pot like me.  But every time I find a guy I like, he turns out to be into other things more than pot. How can I find someone like me without wasting a bunch of time on these losers?


Dear Melody,
I know how you feel. I've had similar experiences. It is so frustrating when you find a cool dude, you let your hair down and he lets loose with a comment like: "Damn, girl, you smoke a lot of weed!"  Fortunately, there are several dating sites that can help you meet guys of a like mind. Both and are two you could start with. These sites are doing a great service by bringing people together.