Have you ever been busted for pot?

Dear Jen,
Back in the ‘80s, my first husband and I were trying to enter Canada for eight weeks worth of work. I’d asked him to make sure he vacuumed the car out so there wouldn't be any stems or seeds on the floor. He assured me he had, but the customs officer proved him wrong when he found a huge bag stuffed full of seeds. He asked him if he was Johnny Marijuana Seed. I had to go back to the States to get the money to pay the fine. Then we got the hell out of there! Be careful crossing at Port Huron, MI!

How old were you when you first had sex?

Hey Benny,
I was 16 when I gave into to hormones in the front seat of a car with my boyfriend. After that, there was no holding me back. I hadn’t smoked any pot yet though. I didn't start that until I was 18. Really! I was into musical theater and I didn't want it to ruin my singing voice. I talk more about my childhood in my book The Secret Lives Of Hyapatia Lee.

Dear Hyapatia,
Have you ever worked in the green biz?

Dear Jeremy,
About a year or so ago I worked in Grass Valley, CA as a trimmer for about a month. I had a great time and learned a lot. I am always open to learning and trying new things. The people I worked with made it an enlightening adventure as well — very cool and lots of fun.