This is Hyapatia Lee's debut sex column for HIGH TIMES!

Hey Hyapatia,
My girlfriend doesn't like it when I get high before sex. What should I do?
Ask her why she doesn't like it. Is it your breath? Use mouthwash. Is it that you make love differently when you’re high? If so, how? If she has a legitimate reason, then perhaps you should make sure you do not change your sexual behavior when you’re high. But if she has no specific reason, then I would say she’s just against pot. No adult should ever force another to do something they don't want to do. If she doesn't want to partake, that’s fine. But she has no right to place demands on you. If you feel that there’s no change in your lovemaking, except perhaps being more relaxed and open when you’re high, then you may not be the problem here. Does she drink? Smoke cigarettes? Smoking marijuana is far safer than doing either of those things. If she’s hypocritical, I’d find myself another girlfriend.

Hi Hyapatia!
What's your favorite strain for sex?

All my girlfriends who smoke agree: Bubba Kush is the best for women. It doesn't do for men what it does for women. It makes us horny and energetic. Personally, I’ve always preferred my men be fueled by Diesel for top performance. Some guys and gals I know swear by the Cheese. And I agree—it puts me in a state where I feel like I’m floating. But I don't always like to float during sex; I usually like to remain more grounded. One strain I’ve found that doesn't really help or hurt sex—it just hasn't got that big of an effect—are the Purples.

Some people say pot hurts relationships; others disagree. What do you think?

In my opinion, pot helps one to open up and talk about one's feelings and thoughts. This is what most women have been wanting for years! I think it helps couples to communicate better and therapists will tell you communication is the key to good relationships. Now, if one party is against pot and looks at it as some sort of vice – or the other party can't seem to do anything but sit and smoke all day and night – then there’s going to be a problem. I say get your work done, take care of yourself and your living space. Then you’ve earned the right to a little R&R.