Hiya Hya,
I was chillin' with my homies when  your name came up.  I saw you on Gigolos and was telling them about the show when we started to wonder what your favorite way to smoke pot was. Do you like joints, bongs, pipes, or do you prefer to vape?
Bill in Chicago

Hey Dudes,
Glad you saw me on Gigolos. I had a blast! It brought back many fond memories. I made my last movie in 1996, so I was ready for some fun! I prefer bongs because it cools down the smoke. I use pipes frequently, but I rarely smoke joints. They tend to make my nails change colors and smell. In so many states, we're still considered outlaws. I travel a lot, so I try to be discreet. Vaporizing is nice, but not easy equipment to travel with.

Dear Hyapatia,
My lady and I have been married almost 30 years. We still make love often and I wanted to share our secret to keeping sex exciting. We like to go to a store that sells sexy toys, lotions and clothes. Trying these different things out and role playing has helped us to keep the spark going.
George and Diane in Texas

Dear George and Diane,
I have always thought sexy clothes and shoes enhanced my sexual experiences and contributed to the length of my marriages. There is a Native American teaching given by a man named Swiftdeer in Arizona called the Quadoshka. It involves a medicine wheel of lovers' masks. You could choose to be dominant, submissive, romantic, adventurous, or even into "hot animal sex," for example. By having a variety of ways to make love. things never get boring. Congratulations on your long, happy, healthy, relationship!

My husband and I watch a lot of adult movies and it seems like the sex scenes are done everywhere but in a bed. Where is your favorite place to have sex?

Dear Sherri,
I like to have sex in a variety of places.  I enjoy using a bed; it's much easier and more comfortable that just about any place else, but I do like to make love outside. I really like the feel of the wind and the sun on my naked skin. I suppose it may have to do with my being Native, but I love being outside as much as possible. When I was dancing at clubs on the road, doing it in the dressing room was always fun. With all the colorful costumes, feathers and loud music, it was climatic to all the senses!

Dear Hyapatia,
I heard on the news the other day that Nina Hartley testified in court in a case against the government. I didn't catch the entire segment, so I am not sure what the case was about. Do you know anything about this?

Dear Sam,
Yes! The Free Speech Coalition, which gave me my Lifetime Achievement Award, is taking on US Attorney General Eric Holder and the government regulation that makes companies who film sex or simulated sex scenes keep records of the performers' age and identification. Since 1995, companies and photographers have had to comply with a law that insists proper identification showing the age of performers be attached to every image and that the company owning the image be available for inspection at any time. This law is very hard to follow as most companies and photographers are not available at all times to prove the age of a performer and attaching the proper identification to all
images is impractical. This is why the Free Speech Coalition is fighting the law.

Every company and photographer I have ever worked with has always been adamant that performers be over 18. Most prefer to work with people who are well over 18 just to be sure. Ever since Traci Lords entered the business with a government-issued ID -- and then turned out to be 15 following a layout in Penthouse magazine -- producers have been terrified of young performers. The government wanted to blame the business for accepting Traci as an adult, but it was the government that was fooled first! No one in the adult entertainment business would have let her work if she did not have government-issued identification that proved she was over 18. All of this record keeping mess basically stemmed from that event way back in the last century.

It's amazing to me that, with all the problems our country has with terrorism, violent crime, identity theft, and everything else, our government would rather spend time and money keeping adults from enjoying themselves.  Whether it's having sex, watching it or smoking a harmless plant, the government would rather harass us. Why? Because we do not have guns and pose no danger to them. I wouldn't want to go after the dangerous people either, but that's what our tax dollars pay them to do!  By harassing us, they look like they're busy at work. Maybe someday, if we all vote, petition, join all the organizations that promote our liberties, and never give up, we will be able to live in a real democracy!