Dear Hyapatia,
I love sex with women. My girlfriends and I have a very wild sex life. We get high, listen to good jams and get freaky. I like to have as many girlfriends as I can. Variety is the spice of life! That's another reason I like to try every strain I hear is good. One of the girls I  date likes to have sex with guys who are wearing women's clothes – not completely cross-dressed, just a few sexy undergarments. Believe me, if it were heels, make-up and the whole thing, it would be out of the question. She’s been working on me for quite a while on this idea and I’m not sure what to do. I have never been into that, but I have always want to please my partners, so... What do you think about this? Is it gay? Or have you known straight guys who have done this?

Dear Unsure,
I understand that it may seem very strange to you, but there are lots straight guys who do this now and then. I could tell you the name of a very well known X-rated actor and director— well actually, two – who have done this in their private life. It certainly doesn't make you gay. Wanting to have sex with other men is the only thing that makes you gay. Several girlfriends of mine have enjoyed having sex with guys wearing their clothes, even if it’s just a scarf. If you’re uncomfortable with it, there is nothing wrong with saying so. No one should do something they are truly uncomfortable with.

Dear Hyapatia,
I have a very sexy girlfriend that I just adore. She’s a stripper and makes good money. She was stripping when I met her and says she won’t quit, but I’m jealous of all the guys who get turned on by my old lady and it’s driving me crazy. These guys don't know her like I do and they don't look at her like I do. They only think about sex and look at her as an object. She deserves more than that. I wish I made enough money so that we didn't need her extra income. How can I get over this. One of the hard parts is that she works at night and I work during the day. When I’m gone, she’s at home, taking care of everything here. When I’m home, she’s at work and all I can think of is how those guys are getting all worked up because of my old lady. Her body is smokin' hot. Her tits are full and firm and she's got great back! All the dudes buy her drinks so she'll sit with them. She also gets to smoke at work in the dressing room with the dancers, but I gotta be straight  for my job. It seems to me that she’s at work having a great time while I sit at home bored.

Dear J,
Is there any way you can get your schedules synchronized so you’re both working at the same time and are both at home together, instead of you being home alone thinking about your lady while she works? You may still worry and be jealous, but if you’re thinking about your work and not just sitting there concentrating on her, it might make it easier for you. Fortunately or unfortunately, getting high enhances your ability to think up all kinds of things to be jealous over. It’s so much better to get high together and use that to create all kinds of new ways to please each other sexually.

I think I may have gotten lost in the friend zone. I have this pretty girl I know who I have been selling weed to for almost a year now. She’s really cool.  When we first met, she was with someone. But they broke up a few months back and I’ve been trying to take our relationship to the next level ever since. When I visit her to help her “fill some empty pipes,” we talk about life and shit and I know she isn't with anyone else – yet. She always has a house full of girlfriends, so it’s hard to talk about how I feel about her, so I’ve been trying to get her alone. I gotta let her know how I feel before she finds some other dude. I have asked her out, but she either has to work or she has school. I don't think she’s just telling me that. She always asks about a different day, but I’m always busy. We’re perfect for each other. We both love weed, want to experiment with growing and we like the same music and movies and stuff. I just need to find a way to get it started.

Dear Marcus,
Sounds like you two do have a lot of stuff in common. Have you thought about texting her, that you want to talk to her alone the next time you are over? If you get her alone, think about coming right out with it and telling her how much you like her and want to spend some more time with her, to get to know each other better. Hopefully, this will convince her that you’re serious and your requests to go out with her aren't just bullshit or not seriously thought out. Give her time to get back with you; she may have to shift her schedule around. But a word of caution: it’s possible that she may not be interested but doesn't want to lose you as a dealer. Can you still sell to her even if she doesn't find time to go out with you? That’s a question you may want to be prepared to ask yourself.

Dear Hyapatia,
I would like to pierce my clitoris. I’ve heard of other girls doing this and it sounds very erotic. I don't really have a lot of piercings – just my ears and lip. I’m a little afraid because the clit is so sensitive.  Have you ever known anyone with a pierced clitoris? If you have, did they like it? Did they have any regrets?

Dear Sylvia,
I’ve known a handful of women who have pierced their clit. None had any regrets that I’m aware of. They all seem to be very happy with their body art and have told me it really intensifies their orgasms. I also hear that it’s great to have your boyfriend run his tongue all around your beautiful, jeweled clitoris. My friends have also said that they love the feeling during sex when their partner’s balls slap up against their piercing when they do it doggy style. One more thing: use ice when you pierce to numb yourself first. It also cuts down on swelling.